Our project has several aims and objectives some of which are listed below:

  1. Develop and enhance music elements at Church services and events.
  2. Involve the local and wider community as much as possible in all aspects of the project from music events though to fundraising.
  3. Encourage the development of Church music in the local and wider community.
  4. Raise awareness of the Organ at St John’s and promote it as a resource for musicians both locally and nationally.
  5. Further research the history of the Organ at St John’s and its impact on the local community when it was first built.
  6. Formulate an outreach program to deliver educational events to increase knowledge of this instrument and train new organists.
  7. Design, produce and utilise existing resources to create learning resources to explore, interpret and learn about the Organ at St John’s, its history and its future.
  8. Provide an instrument that is attractive to professional organists for recitals and training purposes.
  9. Fully restore the Organ at St John’s Church to ensure its long term future.