Project Start

Welcome!  We are now in the process of starting up this exciting new project to restore the Pipe Organ at St John’s and develop its use for both recitals and teaching (there are more details in the Aims section of the site).


Many will be wondering why this is being done given the grave state of the finances of the Parish that look after St John’s but we believe that the Organ contained within the building is a fantastic resource that should be used and developed for the benefit of everyone in the locality and beyond.



3 Comments On “Project Start”

  1. DELYTH MORRIS (@morris_delyth)

    i would love to help with fund raising,Saturday just gone we sold £50 worth of cakes just in one hour.People tend to want some thing for their money here so i would happily help with a cake stall and make be books craft stall face paint fun day some where.

  2. I also would be willing to help, The church is a significant part of barmouth’s history. The organ is a very important part of the continuing service the church provides for the community.

    Maybe a street bazzar/ party Delyth? we can also do a carbooty outside buffs again

  3. DELYTH MORRIS (@morris_delyth)

    Hi why don’t you ask the school if they can have the choir up there to sing parent will come and watch speak to miss Sian Humphrey s.And Donna may sing what about the local male choir,then ask for donations on the evening.

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