Basement Organ Work 2014

As previously mentioned on many other pages the air reservoir in the basement has been on its last legs for a number of years.  We have now had a reconditioned blower put in earlier in the year but that was putting more stress on this vital piece.

Brian & Adam from Merseyside Pipe Organ Workshop came down on 20th October to dismantle and remove the moving parts and top of the air reservoir for them to fully repair it.   Getting it out was a challenge in itself.  In order to maintain pressure inside there were a number of cast iron blocks on top of it along with a cast iron wheel from somewhere!

Eventually they got it out and it is now being restored.  Given that it is the first time in many years that this part has been removed from the basement some volunteers have now got to work to clean, paint and repair the room.

Here are some pictures of the work being undertaken:

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