Farewell to the Organ

Following the success of our appeal we have managed to purchase a reconditioned blower unit a few months ago but the air reservoir¬†connected to it was at a great risk of failing completely thus rendering the new blower obsolete since the Organ couldn’t be provided with air from it.

Our Organ tuner has now managed to free up some time in his schedule to remove the air reservoir from St John’s and take it to a workshop were it can be fully stripped down and repaired. ¬†This will happen on Monday 20th October which means that this coming Sunday (19th October) will be the last service that the Organ will be used in since the removal of this air reservoir will disconnect the blower unit from the rest of the Organ.

Given the timing of this work it will mean that one of the most well attended services (Remembrance Sunday) will not have an Organ to aid with singing unless a group of volunteers can be found to pump the organ by hand – anyone interested?

2 Comments On “Farewell to the Organ”

  1. If the Vicar and Organist are interested, I have a Viscount Prestige three manual organ which you may borrow during the time the wind chest is out of action.

    • Hello Mr Williams

      Thank you very much for your extremely kind offer. We are hoping that the wind chest will be back in the next couple of weeks and back in time for Remembrance Sunday. Fingers crossed that if we manage to go ahead with the full restoration part of the project we will take you up on your very kind offer since the Organ will be out of action for many months.

      Thank you once again.

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